Sidekick Coming Back to T-Mobile, Let’s You Hypebeast Like Its 2006 All Over Again

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In an event this morning, T-Mobile USA CEO Phillip Humm mentioned the return of the Sidekick branding to T-Mobile albeit this time powered by Android instead of the original Danger Hiptop operating system.  The device will supposedly be HSPA+ capable so of course T-Mobile is going to call it 4G.  Expected release is “coming soon”.

Also mentioned was the Vibrant 4G which would be a HSPA+ capable version of the Vibrant with an added front-facing camera.  It as well is “coming soon.”

Excited to rock a Sidekick again? Check the pic below for the what the devices might look like and let us know what you think in the comments!

Whoa, this is kind of out of the blue: on top of the Vibrant 4G that we’ve already had leaked ad nauseam(though he refers to it as a “Galaxy S 4G”), T-Mobile USA CEO Phiipp Humm mentioned at an event this morning that the company is preparing an HSPA+ Sidekick — yes, a Sidekick — albeit with Android slotted in place of the defunct Danger Hiptop operating system. For the record, T-Mobile hasn’t had any Sidekicks in its lineup since the middle of last year, though it does own the Sidekick brand — not Danger / Microsoft — and would undoubtedly love to bring it back to relevance. Coincidentally, Mister Android himself, Andy Rubin, came from Danger — so the Sidekick’s starting to follow him around. Kind of like… you know, a sidekick. Both products are said to be “coming soon.”

Source: Engadget

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