SOCOM 4 has a release date, can Zipper revive the franchise back to glory?

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The SOCOM series was THE multiplayer game on the PS2. With each iteration of series more fans played the game. Zipper made all the titles on PS2, but when the PS3 came out the reigns were handed over to developer Slant Six. Slant Six and Sony then released SOCOM: Confrontation on the PS3, but to bad reviews. The game was plagued with glitches and bugs everywhere. Zipper went on to release MAG, a multiplayer-only first-person shooter. The game received¬†mediocre¬†reviews and didn’t sell as well as hoped. Now Zipper is back at the helm of the SOCOM franchise and it looks promising. SOCOM 4 will have both a single player and multiplayer. Zipper has set a release date for SOCOM 4. It will be out April 19th, and if you preorder at Gamestop, you will get the “Abandoned” map and a shotgun. If you are just as interested in it as I am then I will let you know also that Zipper announced that you can get into the SOCOM 4 beta by purchasing Killzone 3. Their hasn’t been a release date for the beta as of yet. If you would like to see the official announcement then go here to the Playstation Blog.

Source: Playstation Blog

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