Sony announces Playstation Suite for Android, Mobile gaming for your phone and tablet.

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Sony announced its Playstation Suite along with its announcement of the Next Generation Portable (NGP for short) over in Japan. Playstation Suite is a software that will initially just have PSOne games, but will develop into a mix of developer games and PSOne games. The platform will require Android 2.3 or higher so hopefully many of us will getting the latest build of Android soon. Sony hopes to gain major game developers by sponsoring them with Playstation Certified. It will license the developer’s game and later provide them with their own marketplace within Suite. The new NGP will be compatible with Playstation Suite and most likely the Xperia Play which is supposed to ship with Android 2.3. With this, Sony is trying to expand their grasp on the gaming world by being the first console maker to expand to mobile market. Nintendo does not look to go the direction and Microsoft has not made any announcements as of yet. So are you ready as I am to get some hands on some PSOne classics for your Android device? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Engadget

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