Sony Xperia Arc Comes to Life

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The Sony Xperia is not just your everyday camera. The Xperia will be one of the top mobile camera’s on the market.  There have been some changes made to this generation of Xperia.  Among these changes the Arc will feature the Exmor R. This is a new sensor technology will improve photo quality in low-light conditions. Expect a new UI that is user friendly for all with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.  Hardware and software integration can really make or break the platform, not to mention a sleek design.  With a huge screen to create and watch your picture/video’s come to life, this is one camera that you will not want to miss out on.  A price tag has not been put on this phone, but expect to pay a pretty penny when its official release is out.

Megapixels mean nothing. People often cite megapixels when comparing cameras, but the only difference between a 5 MP and 8 MP camera are the size of the resulting images. What really matters in a camera are the quality of the lens, sensor, or aperture.

The Sony Xperia Arc may finally drive that point home by delivering one of the strongest cameras seen on a mobile device. The SE Product Blog is talking up the upcoming Arc’s photo and video capabilities, promising a better sensor and a new camera interface that will take better photos and do it much quicker.

Sony will employ the Exmor R, a new sensor technology that will take better photos in low-light situations indoor, minimizing blur and focusing on the subject. The CMOS sensor is described as being capable of “taking exceptional photographs even by candlelight.”

The Xperia Arc will also have a new interface for changing photo types, toggling camera flash, and provide more control over a strong HD video camera. How strong? Look at this video of the Arc, filmed with an Arc. View in full-screen on 720p to get the full inception of quality.

Source: Androidica

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