Suck it Trebek! IBM Computer is the soon to be Champion of Jeopardy.

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Now I know that most of us think of Jeopardy as one of the shows for the “Over 60″ crowd, but I do enjoy testings my random knowledge occasionally and tuning in to watch it.  You have also probably heard of the longest running champion from a couple years ago, Ken Jennings.  Well it looks like there is a new king in town, and its name is Watson, and it isn’t human!  That’s right, its an IBM computer, and it looks to be smarter and filled with more useless knowledge than out human best and brightest.

The Daily What says:

Witness the beginning of the end as IBM’s game-show-competing supercomputer “Watson” goes head-to-head with humanity’s last, best hope for victory against the impending robot menace: Jeopardy legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. In a practice run for the real deal (which is set to air February 14), Watson more or less decimated his rivals, proving once and for all that if mankind’s salvation is dependent on our Jeopardy skills, we’re pretty much boned.

Check out the Video:

Source: The Daily What.

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