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Technology is not just merely Smartphones,Tablets and 3D Televisions.  The future of our existence on this planet is one that is in hot debate.  Inhabitat has released a series of video’s of the next energy-efficient automobiles of our future.  Engadget was fortunate enough to show new ground breaking building structures, which people will be able to co-habitat in.  The use of wind for energy resources is also on the rise!  These are very exciting times in the gadget world and the larger picture where our technology is heading.  Using this technology in the future will save us and our planet, which will be the key to sustaining our life.

This week Inhabitat brought you unveilings of the world’s hottest new eco vehicles as we hit the floor of the Detroit Auto Show and rounded up the seven sexiest green cars on display. We also took a first look at Toyota’s new Tesla-infused RAV4, and we caught up with Venturi’s powerhouse electric concept car. And if unconventional transportation spins your wheels, don’t miss the shape shifting Uno 3 electric scooter and this masterfully-crafted Tron segway that could out-geek a lightcycle.

We also looked at several groundbreaking building systems that stand to make our cities stronger and more sustainable, starting with a new type of flexible superglass that is stronger than steel. Meanwhile, Sweden is soaking up body heat from public places to help heat buildings, China unveiled plans for a futuristic eco city, and several offices in Minnesota flipped on a set of souped-up ceiling lights capable of broadcasting wireless internet.

In other news, the world of renewable energy is jolting for joy as Southwest Wind Power unveiled the world’s first fully smart grid-enabled windturbine. We also checked out a new ultracapacitor that can charge a power drill in 60 seconds, and researchers are working on energy-generating fabrics that can transform your t-shirt into a power plant. Finally, this week we wrapped up our CES coverage with a look at the best green gadgets from this year’s show, and we flexed our creative capacity with 5 tech projects for kids that foster creativity and critical thinking.

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