The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G gets the leaked treatment

| January 27, 2011 | Reply

It seems like just a few short days ago we were joking on our podcast about the rumored upcoming T-Mobile Sidekick 4g and how it would impact the Android world with our thoughts pointing towards the lack of need for this device to see a rebirth.  From what we can see now it looks as though Samsung is the manufacturer of choice for the latest Sidekick and we have a couple new images to take a look at.  Samsung has definitely done a good job keeping the classic Sidekick form factor from what we can see.  The Sidekick 4G seems to have a larger screen, seems to be running Android software version 2.2.1, and the old swivel style looks to be replaced by a tilt action to reveal its keyboard.  The device looks a lot like the previous models when opened or closed so that should make Sidekick fans happy, but no other details have emerged as of yet.  Check out the shots below and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts.

Source:  Engadget via tmonews

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