Theme Studio 6 for BlackBerry : Update at the End of the Month?

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Rumor has it that Theme Studio 6 will be getting a new update at the end of the month and I couldn’t be any more excited. The fact is what we have now is a start and it has been a start for months. We have had a BETA edition for as long as it takes Torch users to complain about all the bugs that are associated with the BETA. I work hard to ensure that I have the best product out, but when some times I have to go around and make work arounds just because of buggy software I begin to get irritated because my name is on the line. Just one example of how much the BETA is bad is the fact that as soon as you load icons in 99.9% of the time they are cut off in the canvas area. There is a work around and it takes time which also doesn’t make the images look the best in the end. If I know RIM’s track record of updating, this update will probably fix a couple of bugs and maybe add some devices, but still in the end remain BETA. Rim’s approach seems to be to keep it BETA and if something doesn’t work they resort to “hey it’s in BETA still” approach, which is great and all but to a guy who has been doing this for a few years it doesn’t full me one bit.

RIM is a corporation and employs a lot of people at the helm and with that being said why hasn’t one of them talked to myself and others who have been around the Theme Studio software awhile and theme for a business to gather some feedback. Look I am just saying if this was Google and I was one of the top developers for their platform and an impact to how they make an extra buck,  I would get a car if there were issues with something for the simple fact they try to make their people happy as possible. I am obviously not asking for a car, but I am asking for some communication to take place to make a product better or atleast a Torch to test my themes on. The fact is that the BlackBerry device is the only one that can natively download themes and install them without the need for a 3rd party source. That being said RIM has never boasted that in any commercials which would only help my theme sales in their APP Word portal and make them have a phone that does something others don’t.

As much as I knock RIM I have to be careful because I live for the motto “don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” and I am humble to be doing what I do in life and working for myself at WJD Designs but the line has been crossed to many times. I will be happy to receive this incremental update but I will be happier when all these leaked OS6 for other devices have a theme to go with them. BlackBerry sales seem to be fading off since last year and this is the time we need to update not only software but our frame of mind to get back in the action Are you still listening RIM?

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