Toshiba Offers a Different View on 3D Glasses

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In the near future there will be 3D televisions and devices.  Toshiba will be offering a different perspective by the looks of things.  Japanese based Toshiba looks to offer a T.V. that renders 3D images without those fashionably correct glasses.  The 3D imaging of these televisions may lack crisp graphics seen with current prototypes, but in future they will be more refined .  These televisions will more than likely be released at the end of this year, but if not, look for them to be the talk of CES 2012.

Did you know you can see in 3D without those annoying glasses? I’m not talking real life. Toshiba surprised many at CES 2011 by demonstrating their prototype glasses-free 3D TV, expected to be released somewhere between Q3 2011 and Q1 2012.

Upon first look, the TV looks good–not great, after all it is still an early prototype. The demo played Final Fantasy XIII, a game not even programmed for 3D, but still produced good depth in-screen. We should not expect the quality to be as good as a 3D TV with active shutter glasses. Still, Toshiba impressed by being one of only two companies to demonstrate glasses-free 3D this year. Sony demonstrated a 24.5″ oLED 3D TV.

Toshiba’s model will come in four screen sizes: 19″, 24″, 56″, and 65″. While the 3D effect was only visible from three viewing angles at the CES demo, the consumer version will produce the 3D effect from all angles when released. The TV is an LCD screen with LED edge lighting. No pricing info has been given for the expected Q3 2011 – Q1 2012 release.

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