Verizon iPhone/iPhone 5 casing spotted?

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There is now more rumor fuel to add to the Verizon iPhone fire.  It seems as though some pictures have emerged of what appears to be a new casing for either the CDMA (Verizon iPhone), or possibly the new iPhone 5 design.  The casing shows a lot of similarities to the standard iPhone 4 casing but this new design definitely seems to address the antenna issues that seemed to plague early iPhone 4 users sparking the infamous “Antenna-Gate” debate that we were all talking about months back.  There was a video attached as well that has been removed due to copyright infringement, but the pictures are more than enough to tell the story.  With all the news in the past 24 hours surrounding CES and the seemingly upcoming Android takeover we simply cannot forget the iPhone speculation and wonder when more details will emerge.  Check out the pics below and let us know what you think.  Is this a cheap attempt to draw attention, or the real deal?

Pictures have leaked out of a newly designed casing for what could be iPhone 5, the CDMA (LTE?) version of iPhone 4, or just a reworked casing for iPhone 4. If — big if — these are real the main difference appears on the sides of the case when it comes to the antenna bands — there are four black separators in these photos as opposed to three on the current iPhone 4.

You will notice in pictures below that the band on the lower left of the phone that caused all the attenuation issues remains but there is a new black band above the mute rocker and also the black band is no longer on the top of the phone and appears to have been moved to the top of the right hand side of the phone.

Check out the pictures and a video after the break and let us know what you think — real, fake, or antennagate?

Source:  TiPb

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