Verizon to introduce a “suite of Android-based LTE consumer devices” at CES

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Remember the mysterious LG device pictured below that we saw several months ago?  That may be one of several new LTE devices slated to be announced by Verizon Wireless at CES this Thursday!  Verizon’s latest press releases suggests that we can expect to see multiple Android devices running on their LTE network during CES.  The company is also saying that they will offer a “sneak peak at a suite of Android-based LTE consumer devices” at their January 6th, CES showing.  The interesting thing here is that all the Verizon hype has been predominately focused on the HTC Incredible HD/Mecha/Thunderbolt/VeVo and the potential announcement of the (17 times before confirmed) Verizon iPhone.   Only time will tell as we are only 2 days away from knowing for sure.  Hit up the source link below to read the full press release.  Be sure to check back with us as this story is developing and let us know what you are looking forward to from CES and Verizon Wireless.

Surprised? Nah, neither are we — Verizon’s LTE-based Android smartphones have been leaking like the sweet, Cortex-A8 sieves that they are for weeks now — but Big Red’s using stronger language than ever before to say that we can expect multiple Android devices running on Verizon’s fresh LTE network here at CES this week. Specifically, the press release says that “the company will also offer a sneak peek at a suite of Android-based LTE consumer devices” at its January 6th event here at the show, echoing Twitter teasers last month — but with the key addition of the word “suite,” which hopefully means we’ll have an LG, an HTC, a Motorola, and a Samsung (at the very least) to toy with by the time this week is out. Stay tuned, folks. Follow the break for the brief press release.

Source:  Engadget

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