We Aren’t Going to CES : So Let Us Make Fun of People Who Can (Makes Us Feel Better)

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Alright, here’s the deal. We love AndroidCentral.com and we get our news from them all the time and we aren’t putting this out to make fun of them in any way. With that said l would like to say we are jealous that our team will not be attending CES and all the other cool sites get to (maybe next year) but that doesn’t mean we can’t make light of the situation and give another site a friendly poke. We always try to do voice and mimic people and we ourselves try our hand at Engadget’s Josh T and of course the sweet angelic voice of Jerry Hildenbrand (Voice done by Chris Bogart) from Android Central. Look we aren’t saying the guy has a bad voice but he is easier to mimic than Phil. (I apologize to you Phil because I tried so hard to get your voice down pat and failed)

We were about to do a podcast and talked about how much fun we would have to do a podcast from CES like AndroidCentral.com will obviously do and then we thought about what that would sound like if we were AndroidCentral.com and we had to record it. Jerry H is an inside joke to us and we give the guy the wit of an outdoors man who never messed with tech and accent of a southern gentleman. I know Jerry is a good sport and will laugh at this later so it is all in good fun (I can’t stress it enough it is in good fun!) Any who – take a listen and see if we are spot on, or are we terrible for poking fun, let us know in the comments below….

Either way we would like to tell everyone to grab some exclusive live CES stuff from our friends over at AndroidCentral.com because we weren’t lucky enough to go to Vegas so listen to someone who will be there, first hand!

Download MP3 HERE

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  • holy hell that’s beautiful. :)