What more could the PSP2 get? How about 3g and a OLED screen?

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It seems as rumors about the PSP2 keep flowing, the juicer they get. As we get closer to announcement of the supposed PSP2, word is that it will  come with 3g data coverage and will come with a bright OLED touchscreen. Couple this with the rumored hardware specs and this can be a beast of system from what it sounds like. 3g support will likely help when multiplayer games come out and you are without wifi. Also the screen is suppose to be larger than the original PSP which means more fun for your eyes. Seems the popularity with bigger screen in phones is taking over in the gaming world too. So you are thinking whether or not to get this or the Playstation Phone, the big difference is are you looking to make calls. Lets us know what you think in the comment section.

We’re only four days away from a supposed January 27th unveiling, but apparently there are still more juicy PSP2 rumors left to dole out — Japan’s often-reliable Nikkei newspaper reports that the handheld machine will sport a crisp OLED touchscreen and 3G data from NTT DoCoMo when it arrives later this year, with the latter enabling multiplayer action and even full video and game downloads over the Japanese cellular network. What’s more, the paper confirms that the screen will be physically larger and powered by some potent new silicon. So, how will Sony differentiate this PSP2 from the PlayStation Phone and tempt you to buy both? The game system won’t make calls.

Source: Engadget

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