Where One Goes, Expect the Others to Follow: Sprint Making Big Changes to Premiere Loyalty Program

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Much like Verizon’s disappointing news that they would be changing the customer rewards for their loyalty programs, new information has come out that Sprint intends to make similar changes as well starting April 1st.

Following the news that all new smartphones activated on Sprint accounts after January 30th would incur a $10 premium data fee whether they are 4G capable or not, it appears that Sprint’s Premiere program, which gave such rewards to their loyal or higher-paying customers such as 12 month upgrade cycles, will be changing to be much more stringent starting April 1st.  Previously, to qualify for Sprint Premiere status, a customer either had to have continuous Sprint service for 10 years or be on an individual plan of $69.99 a month or higher or a family plan of $99.99 a month or higher.  With this status, Premiere customers would enjoy special perks like 25% off of accessories, early access to new devices and that much-loved 12 month upgrade cycle.  Under the new plan, there will be two tiers of Premiere status, a Gold level and a Silver level.  Customers who have been with Sprint for 10 years will automatically qualify for Gold status, as well as customers on single line plans of $89.99 a month or higher and family plans of $169.99 a month or higher.  Gold level status gets all of the old perks including the 12 month upgrade cycle.  Silver level customers, which every single Sprint customer qualifies for, will receive all of the perks save for the 12 month upgrade cycle. They will have to wait 22 months before they can upgrade with a full discount.

As a Sprint customer myself I must say that this is quite disappointing news since they seemed like the carrier to be on for the early adopter since you could easily upgrade so often.  Now it just seems like you pay more for the same or less.  It’s a disappointing if not entirely unexpected trend in the wireless industry unfortunately.  Check out the source below for more info and let us know what you think of these changes in the comments!

On April Fools’ Day, the Premier program will be divided in to two levels: gold and silver. Users will automatically qualify for Premier’s gold level if they have been a wireless customer with Sprint for over 10 years or have an individual monthly plan that retails for $89.99 or more before any applied discounts — $169.99 before discounts for family lines. All other Sprint customers will be given silver level Premier status.

Gold members will get all the benefits current Premier members receive: 25% off the purchase of 2 or more accessories, customer news letters, “just because” perks, first to buy offers, and the ability to upgrade a device after 12 months of service. Silver members will enjoy all the same benefits… with the exception of the early upgrade option — they will have to wait the full 22 months to upgrade. Furthermore, we’re being told that those currently enrolled in Premier will not be grandfathered-in to Premier’s gold level program once the changes are implemented in April. Ouch.

Source: BGR

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