WIFI only XOOM tab. in the works… coming in April!?!

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Can’t get enough XOOM news? Me either… This rather nice little tidbit came in today that there is possibly a WiFi only XOOM tablet out there! Motorola’s Latin American GM told Infobae from Argentina that a WiFi only version does indeed exist and it will be out “sometime” in April! This is exciting news for anyone who does not want to sign a contract with Verizon if one is needed to purchase the XOOM tab when it launches sometime (there is that word again) in the next few months. As Android Central stated hopefully this will not be exclusive to Latin America and we see a WiFi only toting XOOM tab here in the states!

What do you think about being able to get a XOOM tab without being locked into a contract? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

Ever since the rumor mill first began surrounding Motorola’s much anticipated Honeycomb tablet, we’ve been patiently impatiently waiting for it’s release. Alas, this will be making a lot of you Xoom fans who don’t want to be tied to a Verizon data plan happy. Motorola’s Latin America GM told Argentinian-based Infobae that a WiFi only version of Motorola’s Xoom Honeycomb-based tablet exists, and that we should expect it sometime in April. Now, keep in mind that this was confirmed by the Latin American division of Motorola, so we’re hoping that this doesn’t mean it’ll only be available in Argentina in April, but it’s good to hear that a WiFi only version is out there and Motorola intends on releasing it. [Infobae via Engaget]

Source: Android Central

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