XBox 360 Tournament of Champions

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Are your Xbox 360 gaming skills good as gold?  Well the folks over at Behemith are running a contest for ‘elite’ Xbox player’s from around the world. This competition will seal the deal on who the best of the best is. The winner will walk away with a 24k gold-plated Xbox 360! This tournament is not for the weak-minded, but for the generation of gamer’s that have put in countless days of work into their gaming ability. Do you have what it takes? Connect to the link below and join in to find out if you can become the Champion of, the “Tournament of Champions!”

Take a good, hard look at your Xbox 360. Look at it, sitting in your entertainment center. It is plain. That, friend, is a pauper’s gaming console. The Behemoth is offering you a chance to add some much-needed regality to your gaming experience: As part of its “Tournament of Champions” contest, the indie studio is giving away a 24 karat gold-plated 360 Elite to the top-ranked global Castle Crashers Arena fighter on Xbox Live Arcade.

There’s plenty of other prizes to go around, including a Castle Crashers-themed 360 Elite, and … um, 250 squishy chicken toys, all of which go to the third place winner, which is appropriately bizarre. Check out the rules and regulations for the contest over on Bohemith’s Official Site.

Source: Joystiq

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