CR-48 In the House!

| February 1, 2011 | 3 Replies

A little surprise came trouncing through the blizzard that is demolishing us in the northeast this morning, a long-awaited CR-48 ChromeOS notebook from Google.

If you are not aware, the CR-48 is part of a pilot program from Google to get exposure and testers for their upcoming ChromeOS which will be coming out for public release at some point in the future.  ChromeOS is a unique operating system in that it is primarily just a browser, everything you do is within a browser and all files and such are stored on the web or “in the cloud.”  We submitted for a test model to try out when Google opened up the applications and we are really excited that one has finally arrived.

I’ll keep first impressions pretty brief as I plan to do a full report on it after I give it a solid week or so of use.  I do a lot of my work for clients in the web and in a browser so I am curious as to whether ChromeOS will get the job done for me.  Hardware is very solid, nice and small, but not so small that it is unusable like a netbook.  Construction is very good and the entire notebook is covered in a soft touch finish which is really nice. I’ll save the rest for my full review but check out the pics in the meantime!

Customizable Sticker Pack that comes with CR-48

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  • Aaron Myers says:

    I love my CR-48. The only thing I hate is how nasty it looks after you touch it. Oh well, I can’t complain about a free Google Chrome OS laptop, can I?

    • Dan Seifert says:

      Yes I have noticed that fingerprints do show a bit on the case. Not nearly as bad as a glossy Asus laptop (I have one which I actually sanded down because finger prints drove me nuts) but there nonetheless.

  • Srenninger says:

    Looking really nice!