Don’t want an iPhone? Can’t wait for a HTC Thunderbolt? Then pre-order a HP Palm Pre 2 today!

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Seems like the hottest club in town this month is Verizon Wireless, with the iPhone 4 coming to stores this week, and the much anticipated HTC Thunderbolt coming sometime between February 14th and uhh…the apocalypse? But never fear HP and Palm fans, the Pre 2 is officially up for pre order today! You can grab it for $100 on pre order with a 2 year contract, or $450 off contract. So who is going to get one?

Engadget says:

As promised by Jon Rubinstein yesterday, the Pre 2 (sans the lovely Palm branding) is today available to pre-order at $100 on a two-year Verizon contract. Unsubsidized and contractually liberated pricing is $450. webOS 2.0, a “Vivid” touchscreen and, of course, that familiar portrait slider keyboard await those brave enough to own a HP smartphone.

Source : Engadget.

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