Dr Dre “I Need a Doctor” Video Shows off the HP Pre and Touchpad and “Touch to Share”

| February 24, 2011 | 1 Reply

I need a doctor, to bring me back to lifeeeee! I apologize but the song is still in my head and I have to sing a long. I have been a big fan of Dr Dre and Eminem, and followed Dr Dre since the day he made my head ring. Now a days he is in a very good relationship with HP due to the “Beats” franchise that delivers beautiful sound in such a sexy package. I notice MTV had the premiere up of his newest single “I need a Doctor” from his new unreleased cd “Detox,” so being a fan I gave my time to watch the video. I notice some techy goodness around the marker 4:20, which right now is a crazy coincidence because his cd might drop around that holiday. What holiday you ask? Just ask our resident Ninja “Aaryn” I am sure that “hippy” knows what we are hinting about. Of course, if you don’t want to ask around you can always check out the wiki HERE. Anyways the doctor himself shown off the new feature of the “Touch to Share” that was a big feature in the webOS event. It allowed an individual to share information (webpages,pictures,contacts) from one webOS device to another via a light tap from one device on to the another. Sure I am not a fan of shameless advertisement, but when it’s tech I seem to look  the other way due to me being a hardcore geek. Check out the video below out and let us know if the doctor himself might sway your mind or if you plan to go a different route.

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    This video is absolutely insane. Crazy Powerful!!