FRG83G for Droid 1! Get it While You Can!

| February 1, 2011 | 6 Replies

For you Droid 1 users, My Droid World has got a treat for you. In their forums, they have the newest Verizon FRG83G–and they even have it busyboxed, rooted, and deodexed. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!  Installing the will bring your Droid to the latest version of Froyo (Android 2.2.2). And, My Droid World has given you a few options as to which one you want. The links and directions are below, courtesy of the My Droid World forums–though we can’t promise how long they will be up and running. And as always, do what you must at your own risk. Let us know what you think if you install any of these!

The newest Verizon FRG83G has been deodexed, busyboxed, and given root.

This is as basic as it gets, and if there is a problem due to my deodexing, don’t tell me. haha

So here it is for you in a simple format.

To update to the newest version of Froyo (Android 2.2.2) for the Droid follow the directions below.

1) Download the files – FRG83G -OFFICIAL UPDATE.ZIP FORMAT
Direct Download —–Download FRG83G

1) Download the files – FRG83G -Deodexed, rooted, busyboxed.
Direct Download —–Download FRG83G-Deodexed

1) Download the files – FRG83G -Odexed, rooted, busyboxed
Direct Download —–Download FRG83G-Odexed

2) Place files on the root of your SD
3) Go into your Recovery
4) Clockwork Directions: go to install zip, find the zip on your sd card, and install
SPrecovery Directions: go to install zip, select allow update.zips (deprecated), install
Standard Recovery: select install
5) Reboot your phone.

Source: My Droid World


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  • trestevenson says:

    WARNING: The Odexed file is NOT rooted, and it’ll overwrite any custom recovery you are currently using on your device! After spending several hours trying to reflash SPRecovery and rolling back my D1 to a backup that was stored on my SD card, I wasn’t about to take a chance with the “Deodexed, rooted, and busyboxed” version.

  • Apapanic says:

    Ummm just bricked my phone…thx?? It keeps looping the log “droid” animation and “eye” animation what’s going on here??

  • Terry says:

    I can’t use my phone… I used deodexed version, but It keeps looping the log and the eye.
    Is there any way I can save my phone?

    • Mike Madsen says:

      Can’t you just use the SBF? SBF’s don’t come with a deodexed version… its just a stock image to restore a phone… I’m confused… if you can, join #androidchat on IRC and we can help you there.