Full XOOM manual available for download… not as fun as an actual XOOM

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Well look who got their hands on the upcoming Motorola XOOM’s user manual? None other than our friends over at Droid Life have seemed to snag the full user manual for the upcoming XOOM which is going to hit store shelves on the 24th of this month! If you are still on the fence about how some of the features and over all layout of Homneycomb then this should put all those to rest as it gets into details about the still yet thoroughly run through XOOM tab. Everything else is what you would expect to be in a user guide but as Droid Life points out there is NO mention any where of the one month data plan Big Red and Best Buy are requiring (might have been something added on after than manual was printed)

Check out the user manual below and let us know what you find if anything new and exciting you did not know Honeycomb or the XOOM tab was capable of doing!

Download:  XOOM_Manual.pdf

If you haven’t learned all there is to know about the Motorola XOOM by now, then you are in luck.  Below, we have the entire XOOM user guide for you to browse through before next Thursday when you’ll finally be enjoying your new Honeycomb tablet.  It’s a pretty standard UG, but I wanted to point out that I’m not seeing a mention of a required data plan anywhere and am starting to think that will be part of the Best Buy deal and not at actual Verizon stores.  BBY requires a similar 1-month data subscription with the Galaxy Tab, but VZW never has, so we’ll see.

Link after the break!

Source: Droid Life

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