Google Earth helps Archeologists find 1,082 stone tombs, Jimmy Hoffa still not found…

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So I know most of us use Google Earth to look at where we live for a couple minutes and then sign out, but others are putting it to much better use. David Kennedy, a professor at the University of Western Australia found 1,082 archaeological sites while scanning a 500 mile radius of the Arabian Peninsula with Google Earth.  The sites were Ancient stone tombs known as “pendants”.  Pretty cool right?

New Scientist says:

Kennedy confirmed that the sites were vestiges of an ancient life -rather than vegetation or shadow -by asking a friend in Saudi Arabia, who is not an archaeologist, to drive out to two of the sites and photograph them.

By comparing the images with structures that Kennedy has seen in Jordan, he believes the sites may be up to 9000 years old, but ground verification is needed. “Just from Google Earth it’s impossible to know whether we have found a Bedouin structure that was made 150 years ago, or 10,000 years ago,” he says.

Source: Via The New Scientist.

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