HTC Thunderbolt Has Custom Recovery? Already?

| February 17, 2011 | 1 Reply

“But wait, Rob, isn’t the Thunderbolt yet to be released?  We don’t even have a firm release!”  That’s what makes this story so incredible! Yes, no exaggeration, thanks to the help of Jamezelle, Jcase, and Mr. No-Name, the HTC Thunderbolt has ClockworkMod recovery on it!  According to this tweet (preceded by a series of Thunderbolt-related tweets) from Jamezelle, the HTC Thunderbolt has received a custom recovery, which, we can assume, means it’s rooted as well.  Jamezelle also said that we might be seeing S-OFF AT release.  Now, all being said, the recovery is completely unusable, but getting it booting is step one!  If everything goes as it has, and assuming HTC and Verizon don’t change anything, this’ll be the fastest a non-dev phone has been rooted.  Well, I’m excited, but what do you guys think?  Does this make you more excited?  Or even want it in the first place?  Leave a comment below!

Source Android Police

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  • Skurtz1313 says:

    SAWEET! gonna be able to ditch this POS DX that is locked down can’t wait!