Jailbreak for Verizon iPhone 4 Available, Thanks to Chronic Dev Team

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Just in time, as people are receiving their Verizon iPhones, Chronic Dev Team has come out with greenpois0n RC 5.4. This application is for both Windows and Mac users who have devices running iOS 4.2.6. As always, be careful with your device and take time to consider all possible outcomes before taking any action. The links to the file are below. If you do decide to jailbreak, let us know how it goes! Let us know of any major changes you notice, whether good or bad!


greenpoison (OS X), (Windows)

Aw, suki suki now! Merely hours after the first Verizon iPhone 4 units began to land in the hands of mere mortals, out pops two download links that you’ll most certainly want to give a little consideration to. Chronic Dev Team has just pushed out greenpois0n RC5.4 for Mac and Windows machines, enabling those with iOS 4.2.6 devices to uncage their phone and mate it with Cydia. Hit the links below to get started (including a tutorial over at Quickpwn), but make sure you consider all possible outcomes before doing the deed. Will you life be forever altered for the worse? Will your Verizon iPhone suddenly have less coverage than your old AT&T iPhone? Will you find the always-elusive “true happiness?” Let us know how fate treats you in comments below.

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