Leak: Name of Upcoming HP Tablet to be “TouchPad”

| February 9, 2011 | Reply

Precentral was snooping around the convention center where HP’s “Think Beyond” event is being held in a few hours and came away with an interesting tidbit that was let loose during a rehearsal: the upcoming tablet that will be announced today (nee Topaz) is going to be called the TouchPad which falls in line with HP’s TouchSmart branding of desktop PC’s with touchscreens. Before being kicked out, Precentral also heard a weight of 1.5lbs and 13mm thick, just like the iPad. Anticipation is quite steep for HP’s event, we’ll let you know more details as we find them out!

What do you get when you show up to an event early? You get to hear some rehearsals and the name of the HP Palm Tablet formerly known as the Topaz. It’s The TouchPad.

Before getting shooed away we heard it’s 1.5 pounds and 13mm thick – both specs match the iPad exactly. We’re just under two hours away from the official start, so stay tuned!

Source: Precentral

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