Motorola Atrix 4G pricing announced… wallets everywhere run and hide!!

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Not to be outdone on the day Verizon launched its pre orders for their iPhone 4, AT&T announced the pricing and availability date for the Motorola Atrix 4G! Pre sale will begin on February 13th and cost the usual smartphone price of $199.99 after those soon to be gone (on Verizon at least) mail in rebate. Release date is scheduled for March 6th if all still goes to plan but AT&T may release “earlier”. Also the much sought after Laptop dock will run you  $500 of your hard-earned bills, BUT if purchased as a bundle the same time as the Atrix the total is the same $500!! This deal is a no brainer since you essentially are getting the Atrix 4G for free! Plus not to mention an awesome laptop! Of course to get that great deal there are some stipulations… You must sign up for a “Data Pro” plan AND the Tethering add on! Still not a bad way to get the Phone for free!

And to make sure your wallet is completely empty by the time you leave the AT&T store, they are also offering the Entertainment access kit which comes with; HD Multi media dock, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and the remote all for $189.99. So to get all hooked up you are looking at about $700 plus taxes to get your hands on the most accessorized/powerful Android phone to date!

So you Ninjas out there saving up your cash for one of these on launch day? Going to pick up all the accessories for the Atrix 4G as well? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Don’t ever say Ma Bell lacks cahones. On the same day that existing Verizon customers began pre-ordering the CDMA’d iPhone 4, AT&T has come clean with what’s next on America’s largest GSM network. While announced at CES 2011, pricing and release information had eluded the luscious Atrix 4G… until now, that is. AT&T will begin pre-sales for the Froyo-powered Motorola Atrix 4G Android superphone on February 13th, with the standard $199.99 + two-year contract ($50 more than we were led to believe, mind you) getting one into your grubby mitts. We’re told to expect general availability on March 6th “or earlier,” putting it just about in line with the date we’d heard rumored. Moreover, those looking to buy will should have a difficult time laying off of the Laptop Dock bundle, which nets you an Atrix 4G as well as a $499.99 dock for the grand total of $499.99 on contract. You heard right — those who opt to buy the dock at a later time will be asked to shell out five Benjamins, whereas that same tally on day one will also include the phone. It should be noted, however, that the bundle only applies if you also sign your name to a Data Pro plan and tethering add-on, so be sure you’re down for that monthly hit before committing in haste. Oh, and just in case you simply can’t stop spending, the carrier is also offering an Entertainment Access Kit for Atrix 4G customers which includes the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99.

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    This stung a bit when I saw this news break. Bummer.