Motorola Atrix 4G system dump now available!

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Tired of waiting to see what new wallpapers and bootanimation will grace the new Atrix 4G when it’s supposed to launch this month? Well then today is your lucky day as it looks like the entire system from the yet unreleased Motorola Atrix 4G is now available for your downloading fun! The Atrix is yet to have the lastest Blur like we have seen in screenshots from the Droid Bionic and the X2 so not much is new other than a couple pretty nice wallpapers and of course the bootanimation showing off that indeed there is a dual core processor powering the your phone. Also included in the system dump to go along with the bootanimation and wallpapers are a couple of new ringtones to check out! Check out the download links provided by our buddies over at Droid Life and also a little video of the bootanimation in action!

You Ninjas still excited for the Atrix 4G? Download any of the new wallpapers in the system dump? Drop us a comment below show off your new wallpapers from the Atrix 4G and let us know!

Since many of the readers of our little site here are Motorola product owners, I thought I’d point out that theAtrix 4G system dump has found a home on the internet.  It’s essentially the same version of Blur we all have running on the DROID X, so there isn’t a lot of new stuff, but a couple of the wallpapers look different and you can trick everyone into thinking your phone has a dual-core processor by using its new boot animation.  Ringtones are included as well. Now, if only that title said BIONIC, right?   And not to hate on our cousin from AT&T, but in terms of looks, the BIONIC kills it.

Couple of the new wallpapers:

Download:  WallpapersRingtonesBoot AnimationFull System Dump

Source: Droid Life

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