Motorola Teases us with their XOOM Super Bowl ad

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There might not be a lot of people who remember the old Apple 1984 ad that created a big buzz which shown a bunch of followers being “brainwashed” while watching a screen of their leader, while a women runs from no where and smashed the screen with a hammer. That whole commercial gave us a “breaking away from the pack” feel, which was a very good message during 1984. Let us look at what Apple is today, seems like they are the ones making us sit down and be subject to only what the leader wants. Think about it, with their proprietary plug ins and swift actions against companies in their app store, it seems Apple is the leader telling the sheep what they can and can’t do. Now let us speed past 1984 and in to 2011 where we have a platform named “Android” who allows the environment to be “open,” where you can have more than one on screen keyboard and plug your device in with a universal mini usb. The point I am trying to show you is the whole reason Motorola will be releasing this ad during the Super Bowl. We only have a little bit of the ad to show off but you can see clearly they are taking stabs at the old Apple commercial and the fact that everyone who has the Apple devices are all the same. This can be true and it can be false, that is up to you to decide. I know from seeing the amount of “iWant” syndrome across the world it is evident that Apple has an impact on culture, but the real question is, Is this a bad thing? Let us know below after checking out the clip of video we got showing the Super Bowl ad of the XOOM provided by Engadget

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