Motorola XOOM bootloader unlocked, fastboot oem works like a charm [Updated]

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Those guys over at XDA did it again, but this time it probably didn’t seem that hard. There is a guide in XDA on how to unlock the XOOM that pretty much mirrors the Nexus S guide. This proves that Motorola has indeed made the bootloader unlockable. We are not sure if this will carry on to other Moto devices or if this is just because the XOOM is a Google Experience device. This will excite those who are in the rooting community and love roms. Reviews of Honeycomb have been met with mixed reviews saying that it is a good OS, but it still needs some work . When developer get their hands on it, they will probably bring out more potential of Honeycomb. Of course there is always a drawback to these sort of things. We do not condone unlocking your bootloader and warn you that if you do this, it will void your warranty. We are also not sure if this will affect your LTE upgrade if you are looking into it so it maybe a good idea to wait for more information on this when it comes out. Of course we will fill you in as the news comes in. What are your thoughts on this piece of news? Let us know in the comment section below.


Source: XDA Developers

Thanks to adub007 of XDA for the picture

UPDATE: it seems that xoom isn’t that easy to crack after all. Known developer, Koushik Dutta, has found that fastboot does not work on consumer devices. It is possible that oem was done on a developer device. More updates as they come in.

UPDATE 2: Looks like Koush can make anything happen. After playing around a bit he has gotten Clockwork Recovery on the XOOM working. Looks like we can breather a sigh of relief.

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