Motorola Xoom hands on video, gaming and Android Honeycomb looking great!

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The Motorola Xoom has gotten another great hands on thanks to Engadget. Motorola as well as other companies are showing off their Honeycomb tablets today at Google’s event, and it seems as though the Xoom has an almost complete version of the OS running already. This is very good news as it is said to be released very shortly on February 17th. So read on and check out the video below of the Xoom in action,

Engadget says:

Fully-functional Xooms with complete (or seemingly complete) builds of Honeycomb are out in force here at Google’s event in Mountain View today, and a bunch of partners are hanging out to demonstrate the tablet apps they’ve been working on. We checked out both Monster Madness — a game that’s been on Xbox 360 and PS3 for some time — and Grocery IQ, both of which obviously bring very different experiences to the table (unless you consider grocery shopping “a game,” which some of us admittedly do).

Check out the Video of Honeycomb:

Source Engadget.

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