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Ever thought of what you would look like as the little Green Android robot “Andy”? Well now is your chance! Recently released by Google themselves available via their special webpage for the app or download directly from your phone from the Android Market. This is a fun little app that lets you customize Andy to any way you would like! Feel like giving Andy some Boxing gloves or how about a nice Moustache? This will give you the ability to Change him up to look like your self or even Santa, the choices are endless. Also the one of the best parts about this app is the ability to share your customized Andy through your accounts that you have synced on your Android device and also the ability to email to anyone you would like to share your Andy with! We all know Google is all about fun and this app is sure to not disappoint if you’re looking for a couple of minutes to kill or maybe even a custom Andy wallpaper for your favorite Android device. Be sure to check out the source link below for a couple of shots of custom Andy’s that Google have done!

My Andy:

Take a look at the video for a quick view of the app! Enjoy ninjas!!

Get Androidified!

Androidify, available free from Android Market, lets you take the little green Android, and turn it into yourself, your friends, your family, anyone! Just like the Android platform is open, the Android robot can now be freely customized.

Source: Androidify

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