New Glamour shot of HTC’s Flagship Android device emerge.

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HTC’s newest Android Flagship device that we saw a week ago in a blurry camera pic, has finally been shown off in all its glory.  It looks like a cross between a HTC Mozart and HTC Legend, except with a bland HTC Evolution backside.  It is said to be running HTC Sense UI and Android 2.2.1 OS.  Read on and enjoy the clear leaked picture.

Engadget says:

The lucky phonespotter claims that this unibody phone –codenamed Saga and running 2.2.1 –belongs to a “client” of his, and from his brief hands-on he reckons it’s about as thick as the 7 Mozart and the Legend.

Source Engadget.

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  • Jimmie Tonyan says:

    Sense branded but no Google branding……?