Own a Pre/Pre Plus or Pixi/Pixi Plus? No webOS 2.0 For You!

| February 9, 2011 | Reply

Some unfortunate news has come for current owners of Palm’s recent devices: HP will not release OTA updates to webOS 2.0 or higher to any device older than the Pre2.

PreCentral has spoken with HP employees after today’s big event and they have confirmed that only the Pre2 and newer devices will receive such updates. There may still be maintenance and security fixes pushed down to the older models, but no real upgrades.

HP did say however, that despite there not being any OTA updates, they will release a web site in the near future that will give existing users a “path to 2.x”. What that exactly means is unknown, it could be a manual update via plugging into a computer or it could be that you take the path of buying a new phone. I sure hope it’s the former as there is a pretty devoted and vocal following (myself being one) to Palm’s webOS who have held on to their older devices in hopes that they would eventually be updated with some fresh software.  HP’s reasoning behind this decision is that too much has changed on the back-end systems that supporting older devices would just be too involved and they are focusing on getting their new products into customers hands.

Are you a current Palm owner who feels a bit irked or cheated by this decision? Is this the type of company Palm is turning into now that they are owned by a much larger corporation? Hit the source link for more info and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: PreCentral

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