Pre-order the XOOM now, Wirefly starts the pre-order a day earlier than Best Buy

| February 19, 2011 | Reply

Well folks if for some reason you can’t wait to pre-order from Best Buy or Costco then you can pre-order the XOOM right now at Wirefly. There is no typical discount they usually give as it still retails at $799. They actually retail the XOOM as originally $899 and slashed it to $799. It is more likely just a marketing ploy to those who do not already know that it was officially announced to be $799. It also listed to release the 23rd but subject to change which gives us confirmation…kinda. If you purchase from Wirefly, you will get free standard shipping from fedex, the pre-order reservations (which means you will be documented as pre-ordered and receive updates), and a 30-day pre-order price guarantee. The guarantee is for if the XOOM price is cut down after its launch, then pre-order customers can get the difference of the money back on their credit card. Are you going to reserve yours now or wait until other stores start their pre-orders? Let us know in the comment section below

Source: Wirefly

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