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Motorola was kind enough to send me the Motorola Roadster Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone to review. There are several buttons, and I’m going to go over them all, so no worries! Starting from the top left, you have the mute button. Next to that is the call button, followed by the voice dial button.

Now starting on the bottom left, we have the play/pause button. Also, if you hold this button down until you hear a tone, it will change to the next song. Next are the volume buttons, which are also the FM tuner buttons if you are listening to the radio. And finally, we have the FM/speaker button. Onto another great feature, the Motorola Roadster is meant to slide onto your car visor. That’s very convenient. Now that doesn’t mean it has to. You can use this anywhere you would like!

It has a standby time of up to 3 weeks and a talk time of up to 20 hours.That’s really great, both for someone who’s always traveling and on the go and the average user, who might just be making a call on a quick drive to the store. No one likes to have to charge all the time! But, have no fear because if you do need a charge, it comes with a car charger. And for those of you that like to read everything first before touching anything, it also has a very detailed manual.

One of my favorite features is the ability to hear and dictate texts. Since many states have made text messaging while driving illegal, this is a nice way to be able to keep in contact, while staying safe. Third, the Motorola Roadster features a dedicated mute button, noise cancellation, and an FM transmitter. This allows you to listen to your music through your car stereo. Also, you can listen to the music from your phone on the Motorola Roadster itself, even at home–which I love. The sound quality is excellent. Now as far as compatibility is concerned, Motorola’s website indicates that plenty of phones work with this, Droid, Droid X, Droid Pro, and Bionic, just to name a few. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. And thanks to Motorola for sending me this product to review!

Note: Motorola Offers a GREAT application named Motospeak which is used to dictate text and allows the users to reply using the Roadster and many Motorola hands-free devices, you can grab the Motospeak application for your Android phone by clicking the following link : Motospeak for ANDROID and Motospeak for BLACKBERRY

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