Samsung Fascinate now has Android 2.2!

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Over the course of the last few weeks, the Samsung Fascinate users here in the United States have had some ups and downs when it comes to getting Android 2.2 (Froyo) on their phones. First, a ROM was released that was pulled from various Galaxy S series phones and hacked back together. It was slightly unstable. Then Samsung Fascinate software DL30 was made available, it was more stable than the “frankenstein build”, but less stable than a daily driver should have been. Last week, build EB01 was made available through the fantastic fascinate enthusiasts over at

Software build version EB01 has been on my phone just long enough to run it through its paces. A verdict has been reached. It’s good to go. Finally, a nice, stable version of Android 2.2 has been made available for our phones. It runs smoothly, very rarely has any kind of crash, and is all in all the way it should be. The word circulating in the IRC chatrooms is that this is not the final version of Froyo that Samsung will be releasing. It is fairly close to the final version though. I see that as a sign of good things to come. The Froyo upgrade is a little bigger then most people realize because it will allow our trusty developers to make greater strides in adding features to this phone. (At least once the source code is put up for the world to see). The hardware drivers our phones require in order to operate properly are not considered open-source. This makes it a lot more difficult for other ROM’s to be ported or created for the Fascinate. (In comparison, the drivers for the Samsung/Google Nexus S are open-source).

Rather than take our word for it, why don’t you go check it out yourself? A walk-through has been written for those that may be hesitant to try something like this. It was wonderfully written by XDA user Domush, and can be found here.

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