Samsung Reaches Out to XDA-Developers Only to be Ridiculed?!

| February 15, 2011 | Reply

After months of consumers complaining about Samsung and their lack of support for Galaxy S series phones here in the USA, it seems that someone at Samsung finally took notice. Earlier today, a post was made by a known Samsung Representative stating the following:

OK, this is the beginning stages. Right now as we speak, I’m working side by side with our research and development teams and other departments on what I can provide to you guys. As I said before, I am here for you guys, I know you will give most influential feedback to help better our products. So, with that being said I want to setup a voting poll in a new thread. This poll will be looked at by just about everyone who plays a vital role in devices. In the meantime, what I need from you guys first is the BEST technical questions. Please don’t ask questions about any future release dates of hardware and software questions. Those questions are already at the top of the list for the starting of the poll. I will give you guys by the end of today to respond.

However, as this story was being written, the questions asked in the thread quickly turned into negative, sarcastic questions. The thread was ending with this statement from svetius, a User Experience Administrator at XDA:

Heh, well, as mentioned, this was an experiment, and unfortunately, it’s a failed experiment. Perhaps having an open thread like this is not the best way to introduce a representative from a company to XDA. It gets too chaotic, and unfortunately, many people were asking questions that we asked to keep off limits out of respect to Samsung.

We’re going to hit the drawing board and come up with a better way to do this. If you have any suggestions, drop me a PM.

Thanks to everyone that asked good questions to John.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what approach Samsung decides to take next, if they try again at all. It’s a shame that a company can not reach out to the community without being crucified by the few people who have less maturity than fifth graders.

The original thread can be found here.

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