Samsung Vibrant and Epic 4G get a nice little surprise in the form of a video editor.

| February 21, 2011 | Reply

Looks like Samsung rolled out a surprise for the only two froyo Galaxy S phones so far. Their was an app released today for the Vibrant and Epic 4G in the form of a video editor. The app does not work for any other phones quite yet, but of course the developers over at xda can work magic to fix that. Finally, you can show that cool trick you did yesterday and edit out the part where you fall down at the end. You can edit videos to where you can combine videos into one or take parts out that you don’t need. You can do all this all from your phone, that is if you have the Vibrant or Epic 4G. I’m sure once the other Galaxy S phones get froyo then they will also see it and maybe the Galaxy Tab will get it also. Video editing while on the go seems to be getting more popular by the day especially since you can upload to Youtube right from your phone. A video editor will also be on the up and coming Motorola Xoom and has been on the iPhone 4. Will other companies pick up this trend? Let us know what you think down in the comment section below.

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