Sprint announcing new phone on the 24th? Their twitter says so

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Sprint not to be overshadowed by the recent iPhone launch on Verizon, the XOOM tablet and it’s upcoming LTE capable HTC ThunderBolt, has taken to Twitter to give us a little teaser this morning. It looks like from the Tweet , Sprint is getting ready to announce a new phone on the 24th the same day the XOOM tablet launches on Verizon. No indication what type of phone it will be or OS it will run on but hopefully it’s something better than that Kyocera Echo they announced earlier this month. I”m hoping like Engadget that this maybe an update to the EVO 4G line or maybe the inclusion of the CDMA iPhone! As the date gets nearer expect to hear all kinds of rumors as to what this new phone coming on Sprint could be!

Anyone have any guesses as to what phone is going to be launching on Sprint? Anything on your wish list that you would like see come to Sprint? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

If you somehow managed to make it through theĀ Kyocera Echo event without firmly deciding what your next Sprint phone would be, you’re going to want to set your alarms for this coming Thursday, February 24th. Sprint’s just dropped a quick teaser on Twitter that asks its followers what they “think the next new Sprint phone will be,” ending with a hashtag suggesting they check back in three days — no hint whatsoever as to what kind of handset it could be. Clearly, Sprint’s nearing the point when an upgradedEVO 4G would be nice, but with the lack of carrier exclusivity, theĀ CDMA iPhone would make a nice fit, too. Any other guesses out there?

Source: Engadget

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