The Tech Behind the SuperBowl

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If you know me, like most of my follows do, I am not the sports go to guy like most people. I tend to sway away from sports since it really isn’t my niche, which I blame on my geek nature. That doesn’t mean I can’t find something to make the SuperBowl more “geeky.” Most people just watch the SuperBowl without thinking about what goes on behind the scenes in the form of technology. You know those yellow lines that magically hover over the field? Those lines and many other onscreen overlays have to come from a computer and we get to show you what those computers look like. Let us remind you that these computers don’t just control those lines, but a plethora of things including lights, cameras, statistics, video, and other things to entertain your senses. In the gallery below you can check out the control center and the main server room that becomes the brain of the SuperBowl. Imagine playing some Call of Duty on that huge screen in the middles of the Dallas stadium which actually cost $40 million and is 72-foot-high, 162-foot-long Diamond Vision boards, and weighs a whopping 600 tons, and includes 30 million light bulbs and 25,000 square feet of total display space. Check out the gallery below before the game to see what goes on behind the scenes and let us know what you think below!

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  • GlitchZero says:

    Gears of War 2 was totally played on that gigantic screen the day it was installed, there’s pictures.