Verizon 4G LTE for $29.99?

| February 2, 2011 | 2 Replies

The folks at Droid-Life have received news that Verizon Wireless will be launching their 4G data plans at $29.99. This is great news for those of you, like myself, that may be looking into getting one of the upcoming 4G phones. The price has come as a pleasant surprise to me, since the 3G plans are currently at $29.99. But, I certainly won’t complain! Granted, the price may change after 4G is nationwide, but everything is always subject to change. Speaking of 4G, there’s also a rumor that we might get the HTC Thunderbolt a little sooner than expected. That’s very exciting news. Tell us what you think of the $29.99/month for 4G data plans, and what 4G phone you’re looking at.

I know all of the news today has been about the new Android Market and Honeycomb, but we’ve received some other info that may make your life even more amazing should you be looking to get into a new 4G LTE device from Verizon.  According to word from our friends at Big Red, they will initially launch their 4G LTE unlimited data plan at $29.99, which is the same as the current 3G plan.  Chances are that it will change once they go completely nationwide, but the rumored plan right now is for the price to remain at $29.99.  We had actually heard this tip last week, but were waiting for a second confirmation which came just minutes ago.

Obviously these numbers can change at any time, but we still wanted to relay info on to you that we feel has come from a reliable source.  I should also point out that we’ve heard that the data plan could be $29.99 plus a $15 add-on for 4G data, so let’s not get too crazy yet.  Be sure to send those happy thoughts towards that $29.99 price though.

And on a related note, let’s talk about the HTC Thunderbolt again.  Our sources continue to tell us that February 24th is the day even with rumors of the 14th getting a ton of play.  I’ll just toss this idea out there to maybe help clarify the situation.  It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that February 14th ends up being the pre-order day with the 24th being the day it actually hits store shelves.  Any takers on that?

Source: Droid-Life

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  • Randy Kelly says:

    This great. Still in my price range. Can’t wait for my Thunderbolt to Arrive. I will be in line and waiting lol

  • OnMy2ndGP says:

    Same priace as the 3G plan….really? *Sigh* I have ump-teen months left on my plan. Oh well, my DX is far from being obsolete (for now anyways). By the time I’m eligible for an upgrade there will be new devices and hopefully not many bugs in there new network. Good move Big Red with that price point.