Wi-Fi XOOM approved by FCC, maybe the XOOM has a chance after all

| February 9, 2011 | Reply

The leaked images of Motorola’s XOOM earlier showed that the new tablet would be at $799, require at least one month data plan, and oh yes its $799. Well there may be good news for those who wanted to get one, but didn’t want to be locked into data plan or pay the $799. The FCC has approved a tablet by Motorola Mobility that has the description of  “Wireless tablet with embedded WLAN”. It is suspected that this could be the Wi-Fi-only Xoom everyone was hoping for. The FCC approved a device earlier this week that was noted with a non-removable battery, which was suspected of being the 3g Xoom. Of course this hasn’t been set in stone to release along side with the 3g version, but I would expect so since it was just approved by the FCC. So does this news get you excited knowing that you may actually have a choice between 2 XOOMs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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