XOOM launching on the 24th… WITHOUT Flash!?!

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Add another thing to the list on the yet unreleased Motorola Xoom that will need to be upgraded after launch besides the LTE capabilities and as we learned back at CES no access to the SDcard. This morning Verizon and Motorola finally officially announced the XOOM tablet on their XOOM website page, but also found on said page you will find some very interesting tidbits that up to this point we assumed would be packaged into the XOOM i.e. Flash capabilities. Well you can check that off your launch date list as it looks like our buddies over at Droid Life have included a picture that states “Adobe Flash EXPECTED in Spring 2011″!!! Kind of unexpected since this is going to be the very first tablet running Honeycomb which is made specifically for tablets for a more desktop like experience. As of launch no “real” web experience can be had till Adobe issues an update for Flash. One would think that there maybe some kind of issues with Honeycomb and the current Flash and they might not be playing nice so that maybe one reason for the late arrival of Flash. It looks like the XOOM is destined to have a lot of software updates AFTER launch!

So Ninjas with this new news about the XOOM tablet, will it change your decision to buy on launch day? Waiting like me till the XOOM ships with LTE and now Flash before you pick one of these devices up? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, but the Motorola XOOM will launch on Verizon, February 24.  The landing page at Big Red’s site has been updated as of a few minutes ago showing “AVAILABLE 2/24″, so we’ll probably wake up in our west coast beds to a shiny little press release.  Yah, Thursday!

Update:  And since I was half asleep at 1:30AM posting this, I completely missed the little note in the bottom right corner of the XOOM page which clearly says “Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011.”  So no “real” web experience at launch…great.  (Cheers Chris!)

Update:  I tweeted this pic last week which clearly states that Flash will not be available.  Sorry folks, you should have known this days before this if I was on top of my game.

Source: Droid Life

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