XOOM not fast enough for you? How does 1.2GHz sound?

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The XOOM only came out on the 24th of February and on the first day already had Root access, ClockworkMOD Recovery and now you can add overclocking to the list as well! SetCPU developer Michael Huang has managed to get the Tegra 2 dual core to push up 20% to 1.2GHz!! Michael reports no ill effect of overclocking and all is working and booting up fine with it set to the new speeds! If you are one for Linpack scores to tell you if your device is fast then you will be happy to know that with the new settings the XOOM was scoring a constant 40.716 MFLOPS! Seems like Motorola did a good thing by keeping the XOOM unlocked and gave developers a new toy to mess with and pass all that goodness on to us!

Any of you purchase a new XOOM? Have it Rooted and Overclocked already? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you plan on doing with your new 1.2GHz XOOM!

It’s amazing how quickly the developer community gets to work after a new flagship device is released, and the XOOM is clearly no exception. First, ClockworkMod developer Koush managed to get CWM up and running on the tablet 2 hours after he picked it up, and shortly after, he released root instructions.


Now, SetCPU developer Michael Huang has pushed the Tegra 2 CPU in the XOOM up 20% to 1.2GHz. At that speed, it manages a score of 40.716 MFLOPS while still working perfectly. The caveat? Linpack is a single-core benchmark, meaning that one of the Tegra 2′s cores goes unused. (By comparison, my EVO on CM7 nightlies manages around 39 MFLOPS at 1.13GHz after caching.)

It’s not really be a major surprise to hear that the Tegra 2 can hold its own, but things should really heat up once its competitors (the OMAP 4430 found in the LG Optimus 3D and the Exynos 4210 found in the Samsung Galaxy S II) come around.

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