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Talk about stepping up your Tablet game! If this Staple’s training guide is to be believed then it looks as if they will be the destination for all upcoming Tablets this summer! Take a look at the screen shot below and take a look at all those wonderful tabs on their way to Staple’s store shelves as well as expected launch dates and even pricing for some! As we saw earlier in a Staples ad it we already knew about the WIFI only XOOM heading their way for $599 but that’s not it! From the looks of it they will be carrying EVERY major tablet that was mentioned at CES back in January and some that have us even wondering what they will be. The list includes: The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9inch which should be announced at CTIA, Toshiba and Acer 10inch offerings, what sounds like the BlackBerry PlayBook, both HP 7inch and 10inch tabs, and the one that we hopefully will get more info at CTIA a 10inch HTC tab!!

Our buddies over at Droid Life seem to think the HTC 10inch “slate” maybe the new EVO view that Sprint is rumored to announce at CTIA which would be very exciting for Sprint customers!

So Ninjas excited to see a big retailer carrying the best and latest tablets from all the major players? Think more and more locations will start to carry tablets as the ‘Tablet Revolution” continues to gain ground? Which one are you looking forward to the most? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

According to Staples’ training guides, they sure appear to be taking this tablet game pretty seriously.  We already know that they plan to release the wifi-only Motorola XOOMsome time around the end of Marchor early April for $599, but they aren’t stopping there.  They are expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″ device that should be announced in the coming weeks at CTIA, Acer and Toshiba 10″ devices, and even a 10″ HTC slate.  Now, we saw the HTC Flyer at MWC a few weeks back, but that was only a 7″ model.  Could a 10″ be the rumored EVO tablet that Sprint is expected to announce in the near future?

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Source: Droid Life

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