Amazon Android App store rumored to launch this month.

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There hasn’t been much talk since a few months ago when we first heard about Amazon hosting its own Android App Store, but today ad network Millennial Media tweeted that the store might see its launch as early as this month. I am still a little more than confused as to the what and why behind Amazon hosting its own Android App store. We have already seen Amazon MP3, Kindle and stock app on Android devices, where you can buy books and cd’s and products directly from the company. So what this app store will feature, and why it will be different than the already growing Android Market is beyond me at this point. But regardless of this editors questions, it seems to be coming and coming soon. Read on and let us know what you think.

Engadget says:

….Word comes from the seemingly in-the-know ad network Millennial Media, which tweeted earlier today that the Amazon Appstore for Android is “launching this month,” and linked to a blog post that details what’s in store for developers. Unfortunately, that post doesn’t actually contain a ton of specific details, but the ad network apparently sees the store as a “great opportunity,” particularly when it comes to the additional exposure apps would get through…

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