Android Honeycomb Music App Brought To Light, Brings Streaming & Cloud Syncing To Phones

| March 8, 2011 | Reply

For those of you that own a Motorola Xoom, or just might be familiar with Honeycomb may know about the music players cloud syncing feature – but no one has been able to get it working on phones yet.

However, the problem seems to be solved via the big Andy in the sky – an xda-developers member named WhiteWidows applied the leaked application to his rooted EVO, and it began to work it’s cloud syncing magic, pulling all his music up to..somewhere. Afterwards, when an empty SD card was applied, the music was still streamable once the option had been checked in the application.

How cool is that? It’s good to know Google’s been working away at getting these features going. Hopefully they’re ready for the terabytes of music that’ll be coming in, however one would assume they already have a large island full of servers for your Rod Stewart collection.



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