Further Proof of Windows Phone 7 Coming to Verizon

| March 1, 2011 | Reply

We have all but official confirmation of the rumors of a Windows Phone 7 device coming to Verizon Wireless this year, as Engadget has gotten their hands on a shot of a Verizon branded HTC Trophy, the same phone announced for Sprint last week as the Arrive.  Their source claims it will be running the latest update of Windows Phone 7 which includes support for copy and paste.

Seems like Verizon is playing the “we love it when we have it, hate it when we don’t game” as their top executives were recently heard downplaying Windows Phone 7 devices in the market, instead promoting Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices that they currently carry. ¬†Are you on Verizon and excited to get your hands on a WP7 phone? Check out the image below and sound off in the comments!

Source: Engadget

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