iPad 2 launch today, what to expect and what to get

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The iPad 2 launches today and you are thinking, which one is for me? Well this time around when it comes to choice you have quite a few that you can get. You can get black or white, 3G or wifi-only, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. There’s also the choice in carriers if you are going the 3G route and their data plans. Apple has made sure to make this YOUR tablet and you have plenty of ways of making it work for you. Here is a breakdown of the iPad 2 and whats available. Charts are courtesy of Engadget.


Your first choice is whether or not you would like a 3G model or wifi-only model. For those of you who go out of a range from a Starbucks or any fast food restaurant the 3G model probably looks good. This is probably for people who live in smaller towns that don’t have that many places they carry wifi hotspots otherwise you are probably better getting a ¬†wifi model.


If you are one getting the 3G model then you are probably wondering what the data plans are which one is best for you. Which one to pick varies on your coverage and how much you do. If you are a relatively light user and in AT&T’s coverage then their network is probably more ideal since they tend to have faster speeds than Verizon. If you are a heavy data user though, then Verizon is more what you want as they have a wider range of data plans that go higher than AT&Ts.

iPad WiFi $499.00 $599.00 $699.99
iPad 3G (AT&T / Verizon) $629.99 $729.99 $829.99

You also have the choice of deciding on how much storage space you need with a price difference for each one. Again, whichever one you want varies on your use. If your music collection isn’t that big and if you don’t plan on transferring movies over then the 16GB probably looks the most appealing, but if you are a multimedia king/queen then that 64GB looks like the best bet. If you are in between then of course that 32GB looks just as appeasing.

Of course there are accessories to go along with it too. You can get connections for HDMI out or you can get a Smart Cover which can shut off and on your iPad 2 when the cover comes off and on. Just remember it’s a cover, not a case.

So did this breakdown of the iPad 2 help any for today’s launch? Let us in the comment section below.


Charts are courtesy of Engadget

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