New Coupon Code saves you $100 on the Motorola XOOM

| March 4, 2011 | Reply

For those of you that were unaware, many users were able to snag the Motorola Xoom last week using a special Super Bowl discount that would save 25% off the device until Motorola quickly shut it down.  They did release a statement afterwords saying that they would honor the slew of orders that had been made, but it seems as though the discount has been shut down all together.  Well thanks to our friends over at Droid-Life, they have gotten their hands on yet another discount that isn’t really as sweet of a deal, but it’s still a deal right?  The latest discount gives you $100 off the Xoom without having to sign a contract to get it.  Want to learn more?  Click the link below and grab yours now before this deal goes away too.

Coupon code:  motoxoom

Visit the Motorola store and plug that into the coupon code box.

Source:  Droid-Life

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